Always looking for new experiences, true sagittarius, never stops. Two children and a life dedicated to the restoration of art works, sincere and loyal, lively and adventurous, smiling even in difficulty. The spirituality is her guide on the road. She loves sports, travel, animals, outdoor life and new friendships. The bike has always completed her. Passionate about art and nature, she moved from Rome to Amsterdam, ready for new adventures.


Growing up between Chile and the United States, arrives in Europe with a backpack on his shoulders to sightsee all on foot and by bicycle. He falls in love with Amsterdam and Italy. A lover of art and good food, between a trip and the other, he paints, teaches and exhibits his paintings around the world. His good humor, kindness and competence are essential ingredients of our trips. Without him it would not be the same!

Responsible tourism

The passion for new horizons, cycling, art and nature, has brought us to this endeavour. Together in life and the meaning that we wish to give to it, our goal is to let anybody discover, even the less sporty, how easy biking is and how such an experience can change the point of view of things.

Adventure, relax, culture, outdoors, natural food, traditions, fun, hard work and new experiences. Biketours through the countryside, cities of art and archaeological sites. Theme excursions, studied routes, tours for biginners and experienced bikers.

Adagio con brio, a free way to spend the holidays and feel in tune with the Universe.

It’s our way to make a commitment to contribute actively to change the society and perhaps discover one day that you decided to leave the car to commute to work by bike!


In bici nella storia per la Storia, nell’ambiente per l’Ambiente.
We start from here… do you join us?