Passion, love for life, adventure, new friendship, freedom, creativity…

…on bicycle!



Yubike born from the desire to broaden the horizon to get in touch with the essence of things along the road through places, people, history and nature. We promote responsible tourism, respecting the environment and local culture of the places we are going to discover.

bike&hotel | bike&bateau

We carefully choose all facilities that host us according to the principles of sustainability. In the formula bike&bateau we eat and overnight on the schip and after breakfast we start cycling. We will rejoin the boat in the evening in the city of arrival!

Our style

We love the slow bike. Our bike tours are itinerant, or based in an ‘agriturismo’. Easy to intermediate trails, a few are more challenging. We ride between 30 to 50 km (18 to 30 miles) a day. Along the trail we give special importance to the artistic and natural beauty of the places we visit, offering many guided visits. 
Space for travel photography as a mean to capture unique moments. We offer packages from three days up to a week with luggage transport and possibility of bike rental. One-day theme excursions. We schedule departures and arrivals of our biketours in cities with train connections. We promote cultural exchange through international groups, between 6 and 22 participants.

We create, organize and guide all our tours.