1.-Before booking
– Before booking please read the information about the trip of your choice and the conditions, these are reported on every trip on the tab ‘Price and Conditions’.
– If you need more information, please send us an email by entering the Contact page here. Be sure to indicate your data, the trip, the departure date, and information that you wish to receive.
– Booking is done exclusively online.

2.-Fill out the booking form
– Enter the page of the bike tour you have chosen and click on the ‘Book this Tour’ button. This will open the booking form (in another window).
– Fill out the booking form with your personal data and those of your fellow travellers, up to a maximum of 3 persons per booking form.
– The holder of the booking form is him(her) self responsible for the booking of his/her traveling companions.
– In the form you will be asked for general information, the type of accommodation in single or double, and any optional services.
You can also reserve a rental bicycle. In this case you will be asked to specify your height.
– In the field ‘Notes, commentaries’ you can specify particular requests or the name of your travelling partner with whom you want to share your room/cabin with.
IMPORTANT: please do not enter credit card numbers or any sensitive personal information.
– Before sending the form make sure you have filled-out all its required fields.

3.-Send the booking form
– Submit the form online by clicking the ‘Send’ button. If the form does not send, check that all required fields have been filled correctly.
– You will receive via e-mail your booking number, and data of the chosen tour.

4.-Completing the Booking
– The booking is completed upon receipt of the payment.

See also: How to pay